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California State Sheriffs’ Association

 2016 Legislative Platform and Priority Issues


Sheriff Donny Youngblood, CSSA President


Sheriff Robert Doyle, CSSA Legislative Committee Chair


CSSA Legislative Staff:


Nick Warner, Policy Director

Cory Salzillo, Legislative Director

Cathy Coyne, Deputy Executive Director

Usha Mutschler, Legislative Analyst 


Public Safety Protection Programs – Protect all funding for local public safety protection programs.



Marijuana – Oppose the decrimanlization of the recreational use of marijuana.


Inmate Medical / Mental Health Care – Continue efforts to maximize opportunity for reimbursement for inmate medical care, including options available under the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA), as well as pursue funding for increased needs resulting from realignment. Mitigate liabilities in areas such as health, mental health, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other areas of legal concern.


Court Security Funding – Pursue adequate and sustainable funding for court security.


Restoration of Competency (ROC) Programs – Pursue additional opportunity for participation in regional ROC programs.


Proposition 47 – Address changes made by Proposition 47 regarding implementation and state and local criminal justice system impacts.


Public Safety Facilities – Ensure continued funding for adult criminal justice facilities that will meet needs created by realignment, i.e., programming space, substance abuse and mental health treatment, etc.


Long-Term Sentences in County Jail – Address long-term sentences in county jails.



Community Engagement and Trust – Maintain high levels of community trust, support, and interaction by ensuring the integrity, ethics, and professionalism of Sheriffs and their employees.



Tribal Gaming Impacts – Seek reimbursement for impacted sheriffs from Special Distribution Fund (SDF) for tribal gaming impacts.


Telejustice – Continue to support state and local efforts to use videoconferencing and telejustice.


PSE Registry / Prescription – Support efforts to create a statewide electronic registry for pseudoephedrine purchases.


Reimbursement of Costs for State and Federal Mandates – Continue to pursue full reimbursement of costs of state and federal mandates (e.g., SCAAP).


Unfunded Mandates – Oppose all unfunded state mandates on county sheriffs.


Lower Vote Threshold for Special Taxes – Lower threshold to 55% for voter approval of special taxes for public safety purposes, rehabilitation, and facilities, including alternatives to incarceration.